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  LGV Theory Test and Hazard perception (Module 1)

The LGV theory test is made up of two parts; the multiple choice test and the hazard perception test. The multiple choice test part is done using a touch screen computer and mouse and the hazard perception part records your responses through the computers mouse.

The two parts can be taken at different times but both parts must be passed within a 24 month period to obtain a valid theory test pass. Once you have passed both these you will have completed Module 1


Theory test part


A question and several answer options will appear onscreen and you have to select the correct answer to the question by touching the screen or using the mouse. Some questions may require more than one answer.

You will be asked 100 questions in 115 minutes. You can navigate between questions and ‘flag’ questions that you want to come back to later in the test.

The pass mark for the multiple choice part of the theory test is 85 out of 100.


Hazard perception part of the test


First, you will be shown a short tutorial video clip about how the hazard perception part works. You will be presented with a series of 19 video clips which feature every day road scenes. In each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

To achieve a high score you will need to respond to the developing hazard during the early part of its development.  The maximum you can score on each hazard is five. You will not be able to review your answers to the hazard perception test; as on the road, you will only have one chance to respond to the developing hazard.

The pass mark for the hazard perception part of the theory test is 67 out of 100.


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Your theory test certificate is valid for 2 years - you must have passed your Cat C1 or C LGV test within this 2 years or re take the theory test again.

You can take the LGV theory test in convenient locations around the UK, normally in a town near you. The test result is given to you after taking the test normally within 5 minutes of finishing.

When attending the LGV theory test you must take with you your provisional LGV driving licence, take both parts:

  • The paper counterpart and
  • The credit card photo part.
Take the DSA Mock Theory test, by following the link on the left.